Web Development

Web development and web design

Even if you only sell on Instagram and make good profits, remember, you can lose your page in a couple of minutes. A website is a more reliable tool for making a profit.

Static Site Development

We create blazing fast, mobile-friendly, and secure websites.

While our background is based on WordPress, CodeIgniter and Django, we also develop sites using JAMstack and Hugo.

Our websites are capable of handling huge traffic spikes, are resistant to hacker attacks, and do not require a backend.

Our Websites Benefits:

  • A static site does not have a database, so there is nothing to be hacked. Technically, it's just a set of HTML files that look the same for every site visitor.
  • All HTML files (web pages) are ready-made on the server, and therefore do not need to be generated with every request. Website pages open almost instantly.
  • No scripts, no databases, no queries, and no hosting overloads. A static site can be hosted anywhere, literally.
  • Unlimited content types, taxonomies, menus, dynamic API-driven content, Markdown, SEO optimization, multilingual. All without plugins.

Custom Design

The custom design will make your site look unique and memorable. Your site will be different from competitor sites that rely on template solutions.

Even the most complex website options come with the responsive layout – you won’t lose the audience of mobile device users.

Technical Support

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